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Introduction to Podcast - Curiosity

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I came across an article online in Mozilla’s “recommended” Pocket links that quoted Einstein explaining his gift: "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." The article continues, “curiosity, as it turns out, is a quality most of us can activate within us. (Here's the thing: By being curious we learn and grow. And by being passionately curious, we continue to learn and grow, and become even more curious.” and I thought what a wonderful tone-setter for my podcast.

In dealing with spiritual things, we are inevitably touching upon the infinite. As such, if we ever arrive in our understanding, if we ever have it nailed down, we reach a dead-end in our spiritual growth, and atrophy sets in in the form of self-righteousness, self-satisfaction - and we are no longer dealing with a living God, for He is no longer infinite, but, metaphorically speaking, carved in stone!
Some may have a problem with the term curiosity as applied to seeking the spiritual, but it conveys an open thought, rather than one which is mainly engaged in justifying what it already thinks.


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